Our Mission

Simplifying Crypto Investments

We want to help busy people make better investment choices by simplifying the strategies by which they invest. We see crypto markets as being in its infancy and use simple strategies to accumulate long-term investments. Buy Low & Sell High is our motto. Our goal is to have helped 100 000 individuals by the year of 2023

“Life is meant to be enjoyed, not staring at charts 24/7”

Måns Hafrén, CEO

After a year of some successes but also a lot of failures we came to realize we need to stop chasing the money. That was not the way to attain lifetime wealth.

There are some shady things going on in the crypto markets such as scams, pump & dump groups and shillers. These can be quite hard to navigate and even if you avoid all the blatant scams etc. finding good projects can be really challenging. Having said that, finding good projects can make you HUGE returns in the long run. That's why we love crypto :)

One problem still remains. Even the good projects with awesome teams may fail to realize their vision, just as in regular startup land.

That's why we came up with the SIMPLE "Buy Low & Sell High" notifications. Specifying simple strategies where you sell a small portion when the coin increases in value and buy a small portion when the coin decreases in value improves your RISK management enormously.

In most cases, even though lowering your risk, you also improve ROI.

We will be producing some concrete examples of this with backtesting in the near future.